2017 Volkswagen Passat vs. Nissan Altima

Mid-size sedans are a perennial favorite on the roads of the New Bern, Greenville or Wilson areas. No matter how tough muscle cars get, no matter how good SUVs are for off-roading, the family sedan has an outstanding balance of performance, features, technology and comfort that simply can't be beaten for many people.

Among the most well respected sedan makers on the market are Volkswagen and Nissan, and among the best sedans made are the Passat and the Altima. Enthusiasts of this kind of vehicle often wonder which one is the better of the two. Check out the similarities, differences and contrasts between the 2017 Volkswagen Passat and the Nissan Altima, and learn where to take a test drive of the winner.

VW Passat vs. Nissan Altima

Both the 2017 Volkswagen Passat and the Nissan Altima offer a great combination of cutting-edge technology, comfortable interiors, powerful performance, high fuel economy and a great list of standard features. Each, for example, offers a base 6-speaker sound system with Bluetooth connectivity. The differences largely are in the details. The Volkswagen Passat offers full smartphone app integration including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This feature is not available on the Nissan Altima.

Comfort and Space

Another area where both cars are well appointed, but one comes out just ahead, is in terms of comfort and space. While the Nissan Altima offers 36.1 inches of legroom in the rear, the Volkswagen Passat has a class-leading 39.1 inches of space. If you're on a long road trip, you'll appreciate that space when you need to stretch out as the miles wear away!

Add to this the large trunk on the Passat, specifically designed to be easy-load, and you've got a vehicle that's just about everything you could want in terms of space, roominess and comfort, whether you're going to the grocery store or taking a long trip across country. Overall, the Passat offers 15.9 cubic feet of cargo volume as compared to the Altima's 15.4 cubic feet.

Power and Performance

Some people may be quick to point out that the Altima has slightly more horsepower than the Passat; however, it's possibly more important to note that the Passat offers more torque than the Altima (184 lb-ft as opposed to 180 lb-ft), and this translates to raw power. In fact, the Passat can tow up to 1,000 lbs while the Nissan Altima is not rated to tow anything at all.

For those looking to tow a trailer on a family vacation, this can be a huge difference, giving the Volkswagen Passat a definite edge over the Nissan Altima.

Check Out the Passat at Pecheles Volkswagen

In terms of features, comfort, space, power and performance, the 2017 VW Passat comes out on top of the Nissan Altima. If you're in the areas of Greenville, New Bern or Wilson, and you'd like more information or to try out a Passat, stop into Pecheles Volkswagen or give us a call and ask about a test drive today!

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