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Learn More About Transmission Service


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Where to Service Your Transmission in Greenville, NC

The transmission is a vital component for every vehicle and keeping it in the best condition will ensure your vehicle continues to run its best for a long time. When you are looking for transmission service near New Bern always remember that Joe Pecheles Volkswagen is here to help.

Where Transmission Service Starts

Transmission Fluid

Transmission Fluid Change

Changing transmission fluids will keep your system operating at the right temperature, without getting too dirty, and lubricated for proper function. If you leave it without getting changed for a while your gears won't shift as smoothly and you can cause major damage to your engine.

Transmission Fluid Flush

This clears out all the fluid in the system, not just the fluid that is in the reservoir to make sure it all gets cleaned and can continue to work how it should. You can opt for a cleaning solution to be pumped through for better performance or you can just have new fluid pumped in after the old is taken out.

Transmission Reseal

Transmission Reseal Service

If the transmission has a problem, but is still working, technicians will give you a transmission reseal service. This involves updating all outside sealed areas on the automatic transmission to fix most issues to ensure that the vehicle always has adequate fluid.

Not enough transmission liquid will make it hard for the part to move gears, and can even lead to permanent wear and tear for other items under the hood of your car. For that reason, it's important to fix any leaking to always maintain an appropriate level of liquid.

Transmission Replacement

Transmission Replacement Services

Our service department can do more than just service and maintain your transmission for driving around Goldsboro, we can provide you with transmission replacements near Rocky Mount if there is a persisting issue that you have been having. You just need to take your car directly into our state-of-the-art service center, and we'll look at the transmission in the car to find the problematic bit. From there, we can change out any elements that contain excessive damages to guarantee that your car or truck is able to work smoothly once again.

More Than Just Services

If you notice there are any problems with shifting or your transmission don't hesitate to visit our dealership from Winterville, NC to keep your vehicle in the best condition. We will be sure to answer your questions and to help you get all of the routine maintenance that you might need.